Neurotypical Syndrome?

A different perspective…

The “Institute For the Study of the Neurologically Typical” is an outrageous website created by a gentleman who was diagnosed with Autism in his adulthood and was, in his own words, “outraged” at how he and others with the Autism diagnosis are portrayed in various literature and studies.  The site is a sarcastic (and some might say bitter) parody that turns the tables on “typical” folk to give us a different perspective.  It comes complete with theories, statistics, papers, and (I particularly enjoyed this one) an online Neurotypical Screening Test.  Check it out – and enjoy a laugh (perhaps at your own expense)!


One Response to “Neurotypical Syndrome?”

  1. awalkabout Says:

    OMG. This was hilarious. As a divorce attorney I deal every day with people who can’t stand being alone and make the same bad choices time after time. My daughter with autism will NEVER have to live with someone horrid to avoid being alone. I think it’s one hell of an advantage.

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