Spring Break Musings

During our kids’ spring break we went to St Simon’s Island.  While there we journeyed to Jekyl Island to visit the Sea Turtle Center.  It was fantastic – I highly recommend!

Fortunately for all of us, there are some wonderful (and very patient) volunteers at the center.  Want to know just how wonderful?  Well… they graciously put up with the following from my two precious boys…

Scene: I am paying for our admission while the volunteer selects passbooks for us. 

My younger son says to the volunteer “Your teeth look really really bad!”

My older son says to his little brother “You can’t say that to her!  She can’t help it.  She’s just really old!”

So proud.


3 Responses to “Spring Break Musings”

  1. awalkabout Says:

    Don’t you just want to hug them…to death??? sometimes….. 🙂

  2. lookingforlifeshumor Says:

    I know – they are just … so… adorable sometimes (this is to be delivered dripping with sarcasm)

  3. Arti Says:

    One of these days you should start to write a screenplay, you’ve got some very original and fun dialogues!

    Talking about movies and islands and sea turtle…I’ve just written a review on Nim’s Island, movie and book, which I think your kids would find interesting.

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