Hallmark Untaps New Market? – Autism Greeting Cards

Ever walk through the greeting card section in your local mega mart and wonder…  With Autism diagnosis rates increasing, could there be a new angle for the greeting card industry?  Shouldn’t there be greeting cards to reflect this significant part of our lives?

Sympathy cards: I’m so sorry your child was just diagnosed with autism…

I Love You: I love you, Mom, even though I’ve never been able to tell you in words…

Anniversary cards: It’s been a heckofa year since your child was first diagnosed…

New Year’s cards:

– Another year, and your kid is still autistic???…

– Another year, and your kid still isn’t potty trained???…

IEP Thank you cards: Thank you for all of the double-talk, confusion, and aggravation from our last IEP meeting…

Congratulations cards:

– Now that you’ve spent your life savings on therapies and are entering bankruptcy we didn’t want this important milestone to pass without saying congratulations on destroying your credit rating…

– Congratulations on sleeping through the night!

Thinking of you cards: I know you never get to go out with your friends anymore, but we’ve been thinking of you and wish you were here…

Extreme Makeover cards: You and your life are so totally different now that you have a child with Autism… what a makeover!

Alas, none of these would take away the pain that comes with a diagnosis, but I sure could use these once in a while!  What other ideas are there for a new line of greeting cards?


5 Responses to “Hallmark Untaps New Market? – Autism Greeting Cards”

  1. Sarah P. Says:

    I don’t know whether to laugh or be disgusted! 😀

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! That’s so awesome that you recognized the play stove. Knowing it could be worth over 100 dollars I keep the box and put it away at night lol! 😀

  2. lookingforlifeshumor Says:

    To Sarah – I know… the greeting card ideas… sometimes this life gets so ridiculous you can’t help but think the whole world is in on the joke but you. Still – if you can’t laugh sometimes, you’d cry all the time. I prefer to laugh and just roll with the moment.

  3. Jayne Says:

    This is SO true, love the examples! Humor – where would we be without it? Rocking in the corner in the fetal position!
    I had to laugh – we just came from the doctor and he was asking if my son had any cardiac conditions (new doc we hadn’t seen before and cardiac conditions are very common in kids with Down syndrome) I said, “No we substituted autism for our side dish with autism!” Of course autism is now our main course and Down syndrome has become a very small side dish!
    I’ll have to give some more thoughts to your greeting cards – I bet there are more out there! My friends that have children with both Ds & autism say our kids have TRS (tape rewinding syndrome), the ability to rewind to the exact spot on a tape and replay it over and over and over and over and over………………………………………..

  4. Jayne Says:

    Oops! Meant to say “We substituted autism for our side dish with Down syndrome!”

    Sorry – not much sleep last night…you know the drill!

  5. Tea Wilrobi Says:

    I think that the cards are heartless,insensitive,and stupid. Those New Year cards are so crazy as well as all of the other ones. Nothing is funny about Autism or any of its avenues unless you never travel that road yourself. Hallmark has stooped to a new low. I Thought they had class but now they dropped the “cl”. Please say it is not so not Hallmark.

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