Vegas, Baby!

We recently took a trip to Vegas.  It was a business trip for me and I tacked on a few days to make a long weekend out of it and brought my husband along.  We had a great time sleeping in (no little ones to juimp on our heads at 6:30 am), seeing some sights, and people watching.  Ok… and a little blackjack thrown in as well.

I have to admit, as a result of this trip I have a new perspective… a Vegas Perspective.

I can’t help but view the world just a little bit differently, now, and not sure what my infiltrated brain will think of next!  It started once I arrived back in the Atlanta airport…

The Atlanta airport seems so DULL without slot machines flashing and ringing all over the place…

The shuttle in the Atlanta airport that takes you from the councourses to baggage claim are now filled with stripper poles…

The people even… there is a marked lack of the Bedazzler in Georgia…

Can this be cured?  Can I be de-Vegased?  AAACK!!!

DISCLAIMER: NO, we didn’t go see any strippers while in Vegas…  I swear!


2 Responses to “Vegas, Baby!”

  1. rhemashope Says:

    Sleeping in… just you and your hubby… i’m jealous! Before kids, my husband and I took a trip to Vegas and had a great time. We pigged out, went to a great show (no strippers) and watched a bunch of people lose money. Ah, fond memories.

  2. lynnes Says:

    Hi, I found you! I enjoy Vegas, we usually go once a year. After we come back I find myself hearing phantom slot machine noises. lol Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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