The Exhibitionist and the First Communion Class

My youngest has been showing a great deal of interest in church communion lately.  He’s asking lots of questions, holding his hands out while the bread is distributed, and asking “but WHY can’t I have snacks too?” as we walk back toward our pew.

We’ve been talking with him about the Last Supper, what communion means, the Passover meal, etc.  He’s always full of questions and particularly likes to talk about Moses (one of his favorite people in the bible) and blood – how it gets into the cup for communion and all that.  Needless to say, he keeps us jumping!

Many of the kids his age at church have recently completed their First Communion class.  We had decided that this was not going to be the most effective forum for our son to learn about communion.  Instead a dear friend (Saint Beth) offered to conduct a custom class just for our son.  She developed the materials our church currently uses and knows our son pretty well.  She has a gift for working with children that just astounds me – and patience like you wouldn’t believe.  And she VOLUNTEERED (wow!).

So Saint Beth, our son, and I met at the church last weekend to talk about communion.  Early on we talked about history and Moses.  Frustratingly (for me), my son at first acted as if he’d never heard of Moses.  Then he decided he couldn’t hold back any longer about his favorite bible superhero and told us about God talking to him in the burning bush, the staff that was thrown to the ground and turned into a snake…  He was thrilled to be talking about these amazing feats and happenings.  Saint Beth followed his lead and they happily exchanged stories and observations.

AT some point Saint B asked my son if he had any questions.  Pleased with this adult who encouraged him to talk about the bits and pieces of the stories that HE found interesting, my son decided to introduce a new topic that was dear to his heart.

“Do you want to see my underpants?”

Saint Beth gently smiled, not sure where this was going but fairly certain that we were moving away from anything having to do with communion, gently answered “No.”

Hoping to entice her, my son said “They’re Go Diego Go.”  He didn’t add that they were his particular favorite pair AND had a glow in the dark design.

Saint Beth cocked her head to one side, smiled a bit broader now, and said “I don’t think so, but thank you for offering.”

My son, my sweet funny adorable child, frowned for the briefest second.  Then his face lit up as he thought of perhaps a viable alternative.  “Wanna see my Tushie?”

We couldn’t hold back the giggles.

Thank you Saint Beth!!!!  We love you and know that God is in us and with us all the time!


A Tale of Dreams, of Woe… and of Veggies?

Broccoli… Celery… Gotta be… VEGGIETALES!

I don’t know about you, but in my household, the words to the VeggieTales themesong are heard and sung several times each week.  My kids are hooked on this series and they’ve been a fun way to teach them about good decisions, loving and trusting God, and stories from the bible.  If you’ve never heard of this series, think of what would happen if you had Monty Python write a children’s sermon.  As they say in the videos, it is Saturday morning fun with Sunday morning values (or something like that).

Anyway, I digress.

I’ve long wondered what happened to Bob and Larry (a tomato and a cucumber, in case you didn’t know), Big Idea (the company that made the VeggieTales series), and Phil Vischer (the man who created Big Idea, Bob, Larry, and basically drove the company and the series).  With the Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything movie recently released in theaters, my curiosity just couldn’t hold out any longer.  So, the other day, I googled for the information… and found Phil’s blog.  And on his blog was the story – Phil’s sincere account of his dream, the successes, the decisions, the mistakes, and ultimately how Big Idea failed – and the pain and heartache that went with it (link to the story below). 

Since I also have struggled to build a company (although it never achieved the kind of success of Big Idea) and mourned when it died a most horrible death, I could relate to alot of what Phil says.  Wow – someone else asked the same questions I did!  “Why did God give me this dream?” and “What does God want me to do?” and “I thought God led me to this.. so why is it all going so horribly wrong?”  Oh!  the drama and agony and joy and pain!  It is a great read – I highly recommend it.

Phil, if you ever read this post, please know that there are many many people who benefited (and continue to do so) from your dream and efforts to give God and vegetables a more prominent place in our kids entertainment portfolio.  Thank you!