Life’s Sountrack

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if we had our own soundtrack, just like the characters in the movies or TV? 

Just think what danger we could avoid if we could only hear that telltale music playing just before we open the door to see our spouse doing the diddly with our best friend–with the music, as soon as we heard it we could pause, compose ourselves, make sure our hair is fabulous (so we can deliver our line in a self-assured manner) and think of a snappy comment before opening the door (“You can have him and his Viagra!”).  Without the music you are in danger of blindly opening the door and letting out a most undignified and uncool “AAACK!” (not that I’ve ever found myself in this situation, but it is one where I would definitely want the music to warn me :)).

Even better, how much more enjoyable that trip to the grocery store would be if we could hear happy, zippy music in the background to make our steps lighter and the task less dreary (the faint muzak could never accomplish this).

How about those times when you are feeling downtrodden or overburdened with life’s troubles?  Wouldn’t it be great to hear “I Will Survive”?  For me it would mean an instant mood lift as the music bolstered my resolve to do just that – survive whatever it is and show the world that I am truly fabulous!

How about at work?  “The Typewriter Song” (by Leroy Anderson) would be a good one.  (Maybe “I Will Survive” would be more appropriate!)

Think about it–What would be in your soundtrack?  Would it compliment or supplement your life and how you’re living it?  It could be good stuff 🙂